Some prevention should be taken before, during and after your travel.

•  Before the departure
Follow a treatment of anti-malaria, it is advised as well to prevent against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and typhoid, hepatic A and B.
Prepare as well one of first aid kit. It is recommended as well as to bring some medicines. In your first aid kit, you should have anti diarrheic, antibiotic, pain killer, and antiseptic, anti veminous, anti mosquito lotion.

•  During your stay
The preventions which should be taken are mainly the same in every tropical country. Avoid mosquito bite, it is unpleasant but mosquitoes cause the malaria. So use mosquito net, insecticide or lotions.
It is advised as well to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants or trousers from the sun set to dawn. As far as drinks and food are concerned, drink only spring water. Wash carefully any fruits or vegetables.

Be careful with the spicy local food in the suburbs. Be aware as well with the hors-d’oeuvres .
In the cost, protect yourself from the sun; always wear hat and sun glasses. Compare to Africa the rate of AIDS is very low but always use condoms to reduce the risk of STD and HIV

As far as drug stores and other information that you may need are concerned, you can see them in the newspapers

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